Built UP & Modified  Composed with either asphalt, reinforced with polyester or fiberglass. Installed by heat welding or set in hot asphalt. Resistant to heavy traffic. Built-Up: Multiple layers of felts, saturated with hot asphalt or "coal tar". Can be surfaced with gravel or mineral cap sheets.

​​Metal (Standing Seam) Architectural and structural systems utilizing galvanized steel or aluminum. Custom panel sizes, profiles, colors and finished coatings are available .

    ​We install all of the primary roofs.                          The durability of EPDM and white to reflect the sun.


EPDM, also know as rubber is a lightweight, synthetic elastomer. It can be installed three ways. First by fully adhering it, loose laying it with Ballast rock or pavers. Finally by mechanically attaching it.

      Best Roofing Buying Guide - Consumer Reports


 EPDM is also made in white. You

 still get the benefits of the proven

 durability of EPDM , but also you will have the luxury of saving money because white EPDM's reflective properties allows you to install less insulation and still receive the same R-value.


  These roofs our usually white

  reinforced membranes, with hot-

  air welded seams. PVC roofs have

  been around much longer than

 TPO & have a proven track record.