Heat Island Effect

    Energy Saving Roofs are instrumental is cooling the surrounding air and reduce the temperature of hot air that hovers over cities. On a 90 degree

    day, a black roof’s surface temperature is about 150 degrees, while a Energy Saving Roof’s temperature is only 90 - 95  degree.   

      This means there is less toll on your HVAC units and  your                                    electric bill will be lower.                             


                                                      What is Cool a Roof ?

Cool Roofs, funded by many government agencies with grants and tax refunds up to $1,500. It has been proven that dark-colored roofs absorb and retain the heat emitted from the sunlight and direct sun rays. This excessive heat absorption can increase the temperature of roofs and ultimately raise energy costs; additionally, it can augment the urban heat island effect, raising the temperature of urban spaces up to 16 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the surrounding regional areas. Commercial Industrial Roofing , LLC installs energy saving roof systems , such as white TPO membrane , White PVC membrane roof systems. We also install white roof coatings for existing EPDM (rubber) roofs and aluminum-pigmented roof coatings for existing Asphalt & Coal Tar roofs and to all modified bitumen roofs.