Moisture problems don't always mean that a new roof is necessary. Your roof can have a  Thermal  roof in inspection.Thermal

  roof inspections are an effective way to keep your roof in good  condition for a longer time. The results of a Thermal

  Inspection show what areas off your roof  that  need repairs , making an entire roof replacement unnecessary. Avoid costly

  roof  replacements with an  thermal roof inspection .

  Infrared scanning is generally done at night with no less than two workers onsite.  Please keep in  

 mind our rates cover multiple technicians, assuring the job is properly covered from all angles.

   An entire thermal scan was done on this building. The results showed us

  that 80% of the roof was good , allowing us to do roof repairs to the other

  20 % , avoiding a costly roof replacement .

Infrared thermal moisture scan be performed to determine if there is moisture, absorbed through your roof insulation.

Our infrared thermal scan shows you where the moisture is present in your roof. This can eliminate an entire costly roof replacement and allow us to do repairs to the areas where moisture is present.